Aug 13

Looking for the Tour Account Request Form?

You can find the form to request money be used from your child’s tour account here or on the Fundraising page.

Apr 12

Summer Fundraiser – Illinois Railway Museum

When: July 14th,15th, 21st and 22nd

Where: The Illinois Railway Museum in Union,

Why: Raise funds for you trip account

What: “A Day Out With Thomas Event.”

Tell me  more:

  • They are expecting approximately 8,000 people per day.

  • Jobs may consist of working in the kitchen, stocking shelves, selling balloons, reading books to children, working outdoor concessions, etc.

  • We will do whatever they need help with. Our school has been given this opportunity for the past fourteen years and has been proven to be very beneficial for both of us.

Click here to access the document with more details.

Jan 28

IMEA – A HUGE Success!

A shout out to the following students who attended IMEA and made the Top Ensembles:

Sarah C, Emilie K, Emily R., Samantha M, and Jordan B.

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